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We go above and beyond for you in Juneau, AK

Do you need an important package delivered to your home in a hurry? Is your medical facility looking for a reliable medical pickup service? Juneau Courier is a local courier service that can deliver just about anything, from blood work to flower arrangements. Since 1986, we’ve worked to establish a reputation as one of the best courier services in the Juneau, Alaska area.

Get in touch with us today to hire a safe and reliable courier for pickups and deliveries.

What can Juneau Courier, Inc. do for you?

When you need an item delivered to a remote area, Juneau Courier can get the job done quickly and efficiently. You can turn to us for:

Courier services: From flower arrangement and letters to package pickups, our local courier service has got you covered.

Cargo delivery services: We’ll pick up shipments from Alaska Airlines and deliver them straight to your home or business.

Medical pickups: We do urine sample deliveries and blood sample deliveries for local hospitals and medical facilities.

Fingerprinting services: Call us when you need background check fingerprinting services for potential new hires.

We also take care of contract runs for libraries and universities. Reach out to Juneau Courier today to learn more about how our convenient package delivery services can benefit you.

3 reasons to choose Juneau Courier for your messenger services

Not only does our courier service save you time, we can also help your day run more efficiently. Choose Juneau Courier as your local courier service if you want:

1. Flexible scheduling options | 2. Weekend delivery services | 3. Free estimates

Pricing varies depending on the weight of the items and the delivery location. Call now to receive a free estimate on your package pickup or delivery in the Juneau, Alaska area.


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